Is a short distance races where the track length is 3 km, competitors compete in hill climbing -
Mostly a hill or a plateau on asphalt road in a possible less time.

The race track is located in the heights of the Khaira Forest in the Bani Hassan Governorate in the city of Al Baha in the south of Saudi Arabia. The track is 2.8 km long and has about 15 turns between the start and the end. The contestants start from the bottom of the hill up to the final point at an altitude of 340m over two consecutive days.


Round 1 - Al Baha

14-15 July 2023


Second round - Al Baha

11-12 August 2023


Third round - Al Baha

08 - 09 Sep 2023


شروط وقوانين بطولة صعود الهضبة

Hill Climb Rules and Regulations