Hail International Rally is entering its fourth year
on the agenda of the FIA World Rally Championship 2023
and the first round of the Saudi Toyota Championship
for Rallys On the dates of 2-4 February 2023,
in the city of Hail, which is located in the north of the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Motorsports are not new
to the city, where the Hail Rally
was held for the first time in 2006. In 2008,
it became an FIA event and a major site in the Kingdom
to host the Dakar Rally since 2020

Hail International Toyota Rally 2023

04-02/ 02/ 2023

The Hail Rally track passes different types of terrain and crosses the Nafud Alkaber desert, where its sand dunes are high, its tracks are difficult, and its hills are eye-catching


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